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Excellence in Consulting Business.
Vastika is a leading IT Consulting Company based in US, no second thoughts!
We are extremely glad to have Vastika Inc. as our professional career partner.

Staff Augmentation

Businesses often find it difficult to strive toward their core goals while also keeping up with rapidly changing technology. Menial tasks involving technological upkeep can cost your employees hours of time each day, or you may be in need for an expert on a new or custom technology for a single project. Either way, Momentus has the staff and the plan to help you reach your IT goals and maximize your business’s efficiency.

Our recruiters and account mangers make it their job to intimately understand the needs and goals of your company. Industry-specific training is mandatory for all of our recruiters, contributing to their understanding of the roles you need filled.

By using our IT staff augmentation services, you’ll be able to find senior-level tech experts for a small part of the cost it would take to hire a full-time individual. You’ll save money, time and resources by partnering with us, using our professional consultants to keep you ahead of the technological curve.

Whether you need IT staff for a single project or on a full-time basis, the Vastika team can help meet your needs. Our experts incorporate their years of experience and knowledge of cutting edge markets to supplement your own IT resources in a way that maximizes your efficiency.

Types of employees:

Temporary (or contracted): an employee who meets one of your immediate or temporary needs. This is useful in the case of employee absences, unexpected orders, or time-sensitive projects.

Temp-to-Perm (or temp-to-hire): an employee who is hired for a test-run period. This helps you find the right person for the job and reduces the need to shuffle work-place responsibilities among existing employees.

Direct Hire (or permanent) : once you give us the qualifications you expect from an employee for a specific position, we find someone who meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our IT staff augmentation services enable you to:

Save Money: Lower costs and save on resources by using our IT consultants on a single project, rather than going through the pains of hiring a full-time staff person. Eliminate the cost of expensive IT training or seminars by partnering with out our certified engineers are top in the industry and experts in information technologies undergoing regular training.

Save Time: Eliminate the headaches from a long, drawn-out hiring process and let us bring on one of our expert consultants’ best suited for your specific business requirements and IT objectives. Our engineers undergo ongoing technical training and assessment to stay on top of the latest available technologies and save tuition time and costs to your IT staff.

Unparalleled Industry Experience: Hiring a new IT specialist brings a lot of uncertainty, especially when it is for a single project. Partnering with us for your IT needs assures you a hard working team of professionals dedicated to finishing your project on time. Our team will work with you through every phase of the project, from designing and planning, all the way to implementation.

At Vastika, our rollout services team focuses on flexibility when working with installers, creativity in our internal processes, attention to detail in our reporting, minimizing bureaucracy (permitting customers to communicate directly with decision makers), and innovative problem solving techniques.