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Clients Speak

Excellence in Consulting Business.
Vastika is a leading IT Consulting Company based in US, no second thoughts!
We are extremely glad to have Vastika Inc. as our professional career partner.

Out Sourcing

Tired of bargaining software contract conditions for each individual project or release?
Are you being held back by high overhead costs, high rates of staff rotation in project teams, or a steep learning curve when seeking software solutions?
Need to change specifications while augmenting your company’s Time-To-Market (TTM)?
Are your software development costs higher than they should be?
Vastika offers both onshore and offshore outsourcing modules. Our outsourcing services allow businesses to reduce their development and maintenance costs by up to 70% while retaining, and in some cases improving, quality of work. Outsourcing, especially in the IT sector, helps your company compete in a rapidly evolving market and frees up management resources. Momentus is committed to reducing the operation costs of their clients while also delivering high quality products and services.

Outsourcing services we offer:
-Software Development & Maintenance
-Business Process Outsourcing (BO)
-Dedicated IT Team
-System & DataBase Administration
-Document Processing

We also offer offshore dedicated Software Development and Maintenance teams with experties in the fields of Java, PHP, .Net, SharePoint, Oracle, SqlServer, SEO and many more.