System & Network Administrators

Department: Labor Employment and Training Administration
Project Location(s): Atlanta, GA -30303
Education: Master's Degree Computer Science


  • Candidate must be comfortable implementing proprietary software’s and application in multiple servers as well as building new servers as required.
  • Maintains open communication and a transparent view into project progress with development team and other stakeholders (PM, Dev Lead, etc.) Write code so that it is well documented and re-usable.
  •  Maintains knowledge of the technology industry, tools, and practices. Debug and fix defects with Test Driven Development (TDD).


  • Requires a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Business Administration, or a related field, plus 1 year of experience in system administration.
  •  Linux system administration and network administration and enhancement.
  • Must have experience in application management, installation, support, migration, upgrade, patching, and virtualization. Must be able to write reusable code to maintain systems in Unix Shell, Perl, or other programming languages. Frequent travel within the U.S. required.
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